Vibratory Tumblers

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Viking VT-12 - Commercial Vibratory Tumbler

The VT-12 model features two 6 lb hoppers allowing you to perform grinding and polishing operations simultaneously. Removable hoppers are made of cast aluminum, lined with vinyl and are easily interchangeable on all Vibra-Sonic universal base units.

Bases are solid cast aluminum with a durable hammertone finish. They have adjustable actions and quiet, sealed bearings. Motor is 1/3 HP 110V, 60 Hz. Also available in 220V 50Hz.

The VT-12 Model takes two of the VT-12 hoppers for better balance of the machine, but just one hopper can be run at a time.

The Viking VT models of the Vibra-Sonic tumblers have been the industry standard for over forty years and still out-perform and outlast any other type of vibratory tumbler available.

Their unique process for producing both vibratory and rotary tumbling action reduces processing time for loads of both stone and metal. Material can be processed without breakage or loss of detail.

Viking VT hoppers are open for easy access for inspection and loading, and are quickly removable for unloading. Materials tumble quiet, quick and without splash or gas buildup.

Product Price
Viking VT-12 with 110V Base and two Hopper VT-12's $1525.00 Add to Cart
Viking VT-12 - 110V Base Only $1025.00 Add to Cart
Viking VT-12 - Hopper VT-12 $250.00 Add to Cart
Viking VT-12 - Hopper VT-12 Lids Only (Set of Two) $53.00 Add to Cart
Drive Belts for VT-12, 2 belts $20.50 Add to Cart
Motor, 1/3 HP 50/60 Hz $320.00 Add to Cart