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Wizard 6-inch Trim Saw

The Wizard 6"can cut a 12" square tile right down the middle, yet it's base is barely more than a foot square itself. No other trim saw, even the larger ones, has this capacity.

The Wizard is all metal, with pan and table of stainless steel. The housing and pan have an industrial powder coated finish for great looks and life. Built in carrying handle gives this saw "portable" convenience.

The Wizard 6" Trim Saw comes with D.C. motor with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, high intensity lamp, sample bottle of Water Aid, angle block, and safety goggles. NOTE: The blade is not included. Choice of blade depends on your application.

Replacement Blades Arbor size is 5/8" do not use a blade with rim thickness over .025 as it may not fit. Choose either the Standard blade (6" x .018" with 1/8" diamond depth) or the Premium blade (6" x .020 with 1/4" diamond depth).
Rip Fence Attachment Lets you cut uniform strips. Attaches to front lip of saw pan. Easy to adjust for use on either side of blade.

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